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May 2016

JV Driver joins Pacific Future Energy team

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The JV Driver Group, an award-winning construction contractor, has joined Pacific Future Energy as an investor and partner.

Founded in 1989, the JV Driver Group is a multi-national group specializing in industrial construction, fabrication, plant maintenance and marine services. It has extensive experience in oil and gas, with projects exceeding $1.2 billion.

JV Driver also has experience in constructing green plant facilities in the power-generation and oil-and-gas sectors, and works closely with many First Nations throughout Western Canada.

Pacific Future Energy Corporation (PFEC) plans to build the world’s greenest bitumen-to-fuels refinery. Construction could begin in 2018 and production in 2021-2, at a site between Terrace and Kitimat in northwestern BC.

Samer F. Salameh, PFEC’s executive chair and CEO: “Having the JV Driver Group on board means we will get early help in turning ideas into concrete plans. They have delivered successful projects in the oil-and-gas and petrochemical sectors for more than 20 years.”

Bill Elkington, CEO of the JV Driver Group: “JV Driver is very excited to be onboard with Pacific Future Energy and to be part of a team with a legacy of building one of the greenest refineries in the world.”Elkington

JV Driver has more than 5,000 employees with offices across Canada, the southern United States, Africa and the Caribbean, with annual sales volumes in excess of $1 billion.

The JV Driver Group won the 2015 Shell CEO’s Health, Security, Safety and Environment (HSSE) and Social Performance Award (SP). The company has gone 22 years without a lost-time incident.

JV Driver recently won Platinum Club recognition for being one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies each year since 2009. Elkington is also a former winner of the Ernst & Young Prairies Region Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Terms of the JV Driver Group investment in Pacific Future Energy remain confidential.


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