is home to one of the most spectacular coastlines on the planet

Pacific Future Energy will build and operate the world’s greenest bitumen refinery, on British Columbia’s North Coast, halfway between Terrace and Kitimat.

  • First Nations First. We recognize and respect First Nations’ title and rights, and their governments and processes. We aim to co-create the project with First Nations, and will proceed with our project only if we are welcomed and supported.
  • Environmental stewardship: Our feedstock will be a safe and non-toxic form of bitumen (NEATBIT™) brought in by rail (no dilbit in pipelines), and turned into world-class fuels in a Near Zero Net Carbon refinery. No big bitumen or heavy crude-oil tankers, just refined fuels and smaller vessels. At the refinery, the use of clean energy, the highest amount of water recycling and treatment; plus the maximum recovery of carbon dioxide and the capture of carbon from various processes.
  • Economics and benefits: The Asian Development Bank predicts that Asia-Pacific nations will increase their energy demand by 67% by 2035. So the markets will be there. As for the benefits, by refining bitumen on Canada’s West Coast, we will keep money at home, to help pay for education, healthcare and other public services, to provide long-term jobs, and to export less in jobs and value to other countries.

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