Our environmental reviews

Status of our environmental reviews


The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency confirmed on August 12, 2016, that a federal environmental assessment is required for our project.

On October 7, 2016, the federal minister of environment and climate change referred this environmental assessment to a review panel. The members of the panel and its schedule have not yet been announced.

Pacific Future Energy now is working towards its Environmental Impact Statement, to be submitted to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

(An Environmental Impact Statement identifies and assesses the environmental effects of the project and the measures proposed to mitigate those effects, according to guidelines prepared by the Agency. To come up with its guidelines, the Agency considers public comments and comments from Aboriginal groups, and input from federal departments.)

The BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) confirmed on July 4, 2016 that our plan for the world’s greenest refinery qualifies for a provincial environmental review.

That was Step 2 of the Pre-application Phase of BC’s environmental assessment process. Here’s the “Section 10 order” confirming that there will be a formal review.

And here is the EAO’s latest “Section 14 order“, which addresses the possibility of a joint federal-provincial review process.

That order was followed by confirmation that Ottawa and Victoria are working towards a joint review process. We’ll update this page as soon as we hear more.