British Columbians support a refinery, new poll says


Greenest Refinery in the World Proposed for British Columbia North Coast

Vancouver (June 17, 2014) – Today’s federal government approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline brings into focus the need to protect Canada’s West Coast from a raw bitumen spill by building a refinery.

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In a poll released today by Pacific Future Energy Corporation (Pacific Future Energy) over 2/3 of British Columbians expressing an opinion believe that “refining oil in Canada means more value is added and Canadians get more benefit in terms of price, jobs and tax revenues,” and that a refinery will allow “Canadians to take environmental responsibility for the full processing of oil from Canada’s oil sands.” Pacific Future Energy is a company that has been developed to build our future and protect our coast by financing, designing and constructing the world’s greenest oil refinery in British Columbia, Canada.

“We cannot risk the future of British Columbia’s cherished coast by shipping raw bitumen,” said Samer Salameh, Executive Chairman of Pacific Future Energy Corporation. “While we believe that it’s in Canada’s national strategic interest to gain access to international markets for Alberta’s oil, especially the fast growing Asian market, it shouldn’t be done at the sacrifice of BC’s coast or broader environment and must be done in full partnership with First Nations.”

“Our project is not dependent on Enbridge’s success,” Salameh added. “Over the coming years, we will work with partners who can effectively demonstrate to Canadians – and to First Nations — that they share our values.”

A majority of British Columbians expressing an opinion agree that a refinery should be built.

Other findings from the poll conducted by Rushbrooke Communications Inc:

– 66% of British Columbians surveyed agree: “Currently, Canada sells oil almost exclusively to the United States.  Building a refinery would allow us to open new markets and be less dependent on the United States.”

– 64% of British Columbians surveyed agree: “By locating a refinery in BC, British Columbians will share in the economic benefits of oil shipped through the province.”

– A significant percentage of British Columbians (21%) don’t know that refined products pose a much smaller risk to our coast than raw bitumen.   Pacific Future Energy believes that as more British Columbians become aware of this project, this number will decline.

About Pacific Future Energy

Vancouver-based Pacific Future Energy is a company that has been developed to finance, design and construct the world’s greenest oil refinery in British Columbia, Canada. The management team consists of leaders from the venture capital, corporate and government sectors, who share the belief that while it’s in Canada’s national strategic interest to diversify its markets for oil, it should be done in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and while ensuring the protection of Canada’s west coast. For more information about the company


-this survey was conducted online between May 15-21, 2014 among residents of British Columbia aged 18+
– The final results were weighted to the latest census Canada statistics for age, gender and regions of British Columbia.
– The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association prohibits statements about margins of sampling error or population estimates with regard to most online panels.
– A random probability sample of n= 800 has a margin of error of +/- 3.46% (95% confidence).

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Citizen Relations on Behalf of Pacific Future Energy

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