A key principle of Pacific Future Energy is that First Nations are a First Order of Government, with title and rights.

Our approach is “First Nations First”, which we respect and welcome as the new industry standard.

We recognize and respect First Nations’ title and rights. We respect the governance processes of the different First Nations, and their inter-relationships. We respect their regulatory processes.

We will proceed with our project only if and where we are welcomed and supported by affected First Nations.

Pacific Future Energy Corporation (PFEC) is also committed to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, known as UNDRIP.

  • PFEC upholds and works within the UNDRIP as we recognize and respect the rights and title of indigenous people. 

We are influenced and guided, too, by the Laurier Memorial, a letter presented to Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier by the chiefs of the Shuswap, Okanagan and Couteau of British Columbia in 1910.

As the Memorial said: “Together we will make each other great and good.”

We see partnership as essential to moving forward together. Partnership is the only ‘right’ approach for a project that will affect the traditional lands of Indigenous communities. Pacific Future Energy believes in supporting the efforts of Indigenous communities to achieve full self-sufficiency, thereby fulfilling the potential of all of our children and grandchildren – in a sustainable manner.

Our commitment is to engage directly with Indigenous communities, from the very beginning of the project and every step of the way. All decisions will be made in a true spirit of partnership, mutual benefit and respect, with a goal of shared prosperity and health for all future generations.

Pacific Future Energy believes that we can all benefit from a strong, healthy relationship – including respect for local traditional knowledge, and learning about the immediate and long-term needs of Indigenous communities. Pacific Future Energy is committed to achieving success together by investing in areas prioritized by Indigenous communities themselves.

The constitutional obligation to consult and accommodate Indigenous Peoples has long since been established. We believe that Indigenous communities, including their families and citizens, must be directly engaged. We are committed to meaningful, respectful and thoughtful negotiation. Indigenous communities, their families and their citizens, will always be welcome at the table.

Pacific Future Energy is dedicated to a future that supports Coastal Indigenous Nations to continue their traditional ways of life, while supporting their needs and interests, and achieving their rightful place based on their inherent rights and freedoms in their lands. Together, and in full partnership, we can lead the way towards a brighter future for all people on the Pacific Coast.