"The technologies already exist to develop a refinery that has net zero emissions. The challenge in achieving this is not technical, but commercial, with refiners requiring sufficient incentive to invest"   Learn more →

Near Zero Net Carbon

emissions technology

Pacific Future Energy is committed to building the greenest refinery in the world, using proven, cutting edge technologies to significantly reduce the risk of harm to our natural environment.

More specifically, we are committed to use “Near Zero Net Carbon” (NZNC) emissions technology. This will ensure that substances that would otherwise be released during the refining process as effluent will be captured and reused on site. An efficient refinery will always be looking for ways to decarbonise the fuels used in the refinery. This means things like reusing steam and water supplies as well as turning byproducts into lubricants and other refined products.

We are also committed to identifying technologies that can be adapted to future needs, including alternative feedstocks. This is important given that the refinery will be in operation for Over 50 years, and will need to adapt to changing times.

Our engineering partners at Simeco have extensive experience working on the leading edge of the energy industry around the world and will leading our project in delivering on even more advanced techniques in British Columbia.