Pacific Future Energy welcomes Prime Minister’s remarks on building a refinery in British Columbia

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VANCOUVER — Pacific Future Energy welcomes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s support for building a private-sector refinery in BC.  The prime minister said last week that Ottawa is open to proposals for such a facility.

The prime minister said in Victoria that he knows many B.C. residents including First Nations are struggling. He was clear that the federal government is open to ideas that would make life more affordable and sustainable for Canadians, including the possibility of building a refinery in BC.

“The economics are sound,” said Samer Salameh, executive chair and CEO. “A Canadian refinery will make money. We also have confirmed interest from buyers and suppliers.

“Our biggest hurdle for investment is perceived politics, not economics.  International investors are wary of getting in on the ground floor of big energy projects right now on Canada’s west coast.  Comments like the prime minister’s can help change this.”

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(Posted here 26 July 2019)

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